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Kuusamo - Small town, big adventure

Kuusamo is a small town of 15,000 people in the North-East Finland (not quite in Lapland!). Despite the town's small size, Kuusamo is well-known nature and winter-sport destination all around the world. Ruka Ski Resort and Oulanka National Park have made this sparsely populated municipality popular destination for approximately one million Finnish and international visitors every year. Located in the North, Kuusamo is a very good place to spot northern lights in the wintertime, that is if you can endure freezing cold climate!

Oulanka National Park is one of Finland’s 40 national parks. Known from its gorgeous and rugged landscape, this 290 km2 park attracts over 200,000 visitors from every corner of the world each year. Oulanka National Park’s landscape was formed by water, and different water elements still dominate the landscape today, which can be admired while hiking through its many trails.

Oulanka National Park’s varying terrace and numerous micro-climates offer a home for m…

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