Finland 100

Our list of Finland 100 events in Australia can be found here.

On 6 December 1917, Finland declared its independence from Russia. It was an unstable time for a young independent nation, yet through world wars and economic instability, Finland grew its economy and presence in the world to become a leading country today. Always believing strongly in equality, democracy and community, Finland has achieved and maintained high standards in many different areas, topping many international rankings.

 In 2017, the Republic of Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, both nationally and globally in the theme of TOGETHER / YHDESSÄ. We will be celebrating the steadfast Finnish spirit, holding events in true blue and white, and strengthening knowledge about Finland. In Australia, we have an array of exciting events planned. The main goal is to spread information about Finland and the Finnish culture, celebrate Finland's achievements and build bridges to support further cultural exchanges and growth.


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