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Food and Drinks to Try at the Finnish Crazy Games

What would Finnish a themed day be without Finnish food? Good thing that Finnish Crazy Games event offers also a chance to get to know some Finnish delicacies and beverages. Trying out different sports and activities can be consuming, so it is good that we have Finnish Associations and Churches of Canberra providing us Finnish specialities. Here is a little introduction of a few iconic Finnish foods and beverages you can try at the Finnish Crazy Games.


Munkki (Finnish doughnut) is the most popular pastry during mayday celebrations. Nobody knows where the tradition comes from, but before the May 1st, the production and sales of munkki skyrockets. Munkki is basically a ring-shaped, deep fried bun dough, which after cooking is coated in sugar. Many Finns also associate munkkis to petrol stations, where travellers enjoy these sugar-coated treats with coffee. Finnish word munkki also means a monk, with the name thought to have been based on its similarity in colour to monks’ robes.


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